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Taxes and Incentives

Non-stop support starting now.

From Day One, Meriwether moves you rapidly to ROI and beyond.

When it comes to attracting industry and helping it flourish, Meriwether County means business. Meriwether’s financial advantages accrue immediately with a strategic location offering proximity to both KIA Georgia and the Atlanta metro area, while also providing a higher jobs tax credit and lower costs than neighboring counties.

Startup or expansion, we’re also ready with a broad range of services and resources, including:

  • Industrial Revenue Bond Financing

  • Affordable Sites

  • Customer Choice Utilities for Large Customers (900 kilowatts or larger)

  • Rapid Permitting

  • Property Tax Abatements

And property tax abatements are only one component in our portfolio of tax advantages. In Meriwether, your company can cut taxes now and down the line:

Tier 1 Job Tax Credit: Up to $4,000 per qualified job.

Kind words are nice, but in Meriwether County we go beyond words to welcome all job creators with one of the nation’s best job tax credit programs. As a Georgia Tier 1 County, we can provide up to $4,000 per qualified job against 100% of your state corporate tax liability. This includes $500 additional tax credit for being a member of a Joint Development Authority. If  the credits are not used within five years, they may be carried over for up to ten years.  At least ten new jobs must be created.

Inventory "Freeport" Tax Exemption: Subtract ad valorem.

Make more goods, keep more profits, with Meriweither’s 100% exemption of local ad valorem tax on raw materials, finished goods held by the original manufacturer, or finished goods destined for out-of-state shipment. Filing is fast and easy—just once a year—but the savings are year-round.

Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Manufacturing Equipment/Machinery: Operation Profitability.

It’s great to work hard, but it’s even better to work smarter: This strategic exemption covers virtually any component necessary to the manufacturing process.

Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Energy Used in Manufacturing:
More “Go” power.

A new state incentive that energizes bottom lines, this exemption will be 100% phased in by 2016, but businesses can already profit now.

Port Activity Tax Credits: Deep water, deep savings.

Georgia’s ports are coming on strong with strategic access and superior service, and companies who use state ports now have access to additional job tax credits. Those who increase their import/export activities enjoy $1,250 added to our Job Tax Credit. To qualify, the increase must be 10% or greater within a year, with the baseline set at the prior year’s traffic or if there is no prior usage, set at a predetermined level of 75 net tons, 5 containers, or 10 twenty foot equivalent units (TEUs).



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