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Tourism Assets

Opportunity is knocking in Meriwether County, particularly for the dining and hospitality sector.

As home to Georgia’s most visited historic tourism site, and with a bountiful menu of visitor assets ranging from recreation to shopping and dining to festivals, Meriwether already offers a memorable visitor experience. And in the immediate and long-term future, as we continue our efforts in the recognition and revitalization of existing but undeveloped historic sites, those visitor numbers are expected to increase.

But it isn’t only the numbers of visitors that are significant; it’s the kind of visitor we’re attracting: the cultural heritage tourist. 

Who is the cultural heritage tourist? Affluent, older, cosmopolitan—and generous in spending. Studies have shown that visitors to historic and cultural sites spend an average of $62 more per day than other tourists. And they tend to spend their dollars on precisely the kind of attractions Meriwether offers: art, antiques, food, wine, and outdoor experiences like hiking, biking, canoeing and bird watching.

Cultural heritage visitors crave authenticity, and value the experience. Typically, they stay longer than other types of visitors as they desire to become closely acquainted with the community.

Meriwether is ideally positioned to attract even more of these visitors, and to provide opportunities for tourism support sectors not only through an expanding portfolio of attractions, but also with an excellent inventory of available land and property ideal for conversion.



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